Apple has acquired AI company, Darwin AI

Apple has quietly acquired DarwinAI, a Canadian startup focusing on AI to enhance manufacturing efficiency.

This move, not officially announced but revealed through LinkedIn profiles of DarwinAI team members now at Apple, underscores Apple’s push into AI and machine learning.

DarwinAI had garnered over $15 million from investors like BDC Capital and Honeywell Ventures, showcasing its prowess in optimizing AI models for better performance.

This expertise is crucial for Apple as it aims to introduce on-device AI features, possibly in the upcoming iOS 18, enhancing user experiences with faster, more efficient technology.

With tech giants like Google and Microsoft rapidly deploying AI features, Apple’s acquisition signals its readiness to compete.

CEO Tim Cook has teased upcoming AI-powered features, indicating a significant focus on AI across Apple’s product line.

The DarwinAI acquisition not only promises to streamline Apple’s manufacturing processes but also positions the company to leapfrog into advanced AI applications, making devices smarter and more responsive to user needs.

This strategic move marks an exciting phase in Apple’s AI journey, with the tech world watching closely for what’s next.

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