Scott Wu, Devin AI Founder’s Video is going Viral!

Scott Wu, Devin AI

Scott Wu, founder and CEO of Cognition Labs, a company that recently introduced “Devin” – an AI software engineer capable of autonomously coding, debugging, and completing software projects.

A video from Scott Wu’s childhood years is taking the internet by storm, showcasing his astonishing mathematical feats.

This viral sensation not only highlights Scott’s extraordinary genius but also hints at the groundbreaking potential of Devin AI, poised to shatter records and redefine boundaries.

Scott’s exceptional mathematical ability through several contests, introduces Devin with a demonstration, and delves into Scott’s background andachievements

Scott Wu’s Mathematical Achievements

  • Scott Wu demonstrated remarkable speed and accuracy in mathematics from a young age, winning various math contests.
  • He excelled at the International Olympiad in Informatics, securing three gold medals over consecutive years.
  • By the age of 12, Scott was already proficient in coding, showcasing talent not just in mathematics but also in programming.

Background of Scott Wu

  • After excelling in mathematics and programming during his youth, Scott attended Harvard University.
  • He co-founded Lunch Club, a platform that uses AI to connect individuals with shared interests, which received significant funding from notable investors.
  • In 2023, he launched Cognition Labs with co-founders Steven How and Walden Yan, securing funding from influential figures such as Peter Thiel.
  • The team at Cognition Labs, including Scott’s brother Neil Wu, comprises individuals with impressive achievements in math, programming, and competitive arenas.


As Scott Wu’s childhood genius goes viral, it foreshadows the seismic shifts Devin AI is set to unleash. This glimpse into the past heralds a future where Devin breaks records and redefines technology’s potential.

We stand at the brink of a new era, watching as the boundaries of innovation are redrawn.

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