Unlocking the Power of OpenAI’s New Text Models

Unlocking the Power of OpenAI's New Text Models

Understanding the world of artificial intelligence just got more exciting with OpenAI’s latest text embedding models.

These models are changing the game for developers working with natural language processing.

But before we jump into the details, let’s break down what text embeddings actually are.

Text Embeddings: Making Sense of Text

Text embeddings are like magic metrics that help us figure out how related different pieces of text are.

Imagine them as tools that make your internet searches better, help organize similar information together, and even suggest things you might like based on what you’ve read.

They’re pretty handy for sorting through a bunch of text.

Meet OpenAI’s New Text Models

Text-Embedding-3-Small: Small but Mighty

This model is like a superhero—it’s compact but packs a punch. It’s way better than its older version, text-embedding-ada-002, scoring higher in different tests.

Plus, it won’t break the bank, being five times more affordable!

  • Better Search Results: 44.0% average improvement
  • Improved Suggestions: 62.3% average boost
  • Wallet-Friendly: 5 times cheaper than before

Text-Embedding-3-Large: Bigger, Better, Smarter

This is like the upgraded version, supporting bigger and more detailed text.

It’s great for understanding languages and outshines its older version on various tests.

And don’t worry, it’s not crazy expensive.

  • Impressive Language Understanding: 54.9% average improvement
  • Smarter English Tasks: 64.6% average boost
  • Bigger Size: Now supports up to 3072 dimensions
  • Budget-Friendly: Reasonable pricing at $0.00013 per 1k tokens

Make It Fit with Shortened Embeddings

OpenAI knows everyone’s different, so they’ve added a cool feature.

You can now customize how big or small you want your text embeddings to be.

It’s like having a tool that fits your needs perfectly.

The Bottom Line

OpenAI’s new models are a big step forward—they’re better, more affordable, and do a great job.

Whether you go for the small yet efficient text-embedding-3-small or the detailed text-embedding-3-large, these models give you powerful tools to understand and use text in your AI applications.

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