Try Vitruvius AI: Make Your Dream Home using AI

Imagine if making your dream home was as easy as chatting about what you love.

That’s what Vitruvius AI is all about. It’s like having a AI friend who can draw up your perfect home in no time.

So, What’s Vitruvius AI?

Vitruvius AI is named after the ancient Roman architect.

Think of Vitruvius as your personal home design genie. Vitruvius AI is commonly know as AI Architecture.

This AI architect listens to your dreams home, and sketches out custom home plans that align with your budget, needs, and aesthetic desires.

Features of Vitruvius AI

  • Customized Design: Vitruvius tailors your home to fit your lifestyle, ensuring every square foot reflects your persona.
  • Rapid Prototyping: With a vast reservoir of design knowledge, Vitruvius churns out initial plans faster than ever, accelerating the journey from concept to creation.
  • 3D Printing Ready: Vitruvius is perfectly poised to design homes that are not just innovative but are also built with sustainability in mind.
  • Visualizations: It breathes life into your ideas with stunning interior and exterior renders, making it easier to visualize your dream home.
  • Permit-Ready: Designs that are not just beautiful but are also primed for permit approval, streamlining the path to construction.

How to Get Started and use Vitruvius

Just tell Vitruvius what you’re dreaming of. It’s that easy.

Countdown Timer

Share your wishes, and watch them turn into a design plan that’s ready to roll.


While Vitruvius heralds a new dawn in home design, it's still in its beta phase, learning and evolving.

Its reliance on user inputs means the quality of the outcome heavily depends on the clarity of the initial information provided.

Moreover, as it navigates through building codes and regulations, there might be hurdles in producing permit-ready designs in every jurisdiction.


Vitruvius is changing the game for everyone dreaming of their perfect space.

It's making cool, custom homes something everyone can get excited about, not just the rich and fancy.

And as it gets smarter, your dream of an easy-breezy path to the perfect home is becoming more real every day.

So, what will your dream home look like? Let's find out with Vitruvius AI!

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