Apple’s Newest AI, ReALM, Takes on OpenAI’s GPT-4

Apple’s just announced a new AI called ReALM, and it’s promising to be a game-changer, potentially outdoing OpenAI’s GPT-4.

ReALM is built to understand and answer questions better than ever, using both text and pictures to get the job done.

What makes ReALM special is how it handles conversations and context. Ever talked to Siri and wished it could follow along better? ReALM is Apple’s answer to that. It’s designed to understand those tricky parts of conversations that usually confuse AI, like when we say “they” or “that” and expect it to know exactly what we’re talking about.

The big reveal is that this could make Siri way smarter by June, just in time for Apple’s big developer conference, WWDC 2024.

Apple’s hinting at some major AI improvements, and with ReALM, Siri could start understanding and helping us in ways we’ve only imagined.

So, watch this space. Apple’s gearing up to shake things up with ReALM.

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