Create Lyrics with Google’s TextFX AI


Embark on a lyrical journey with Google’s TextFX, a groundbreaking lyrics generation tool.

Developed in collaboration with rap artist Lupe Fiasco, TextFX brings a unique approach to the creative process.

Dive into the world of words and rhythms as we explore the features, usability, and considerations of TextFX.

What is TextFX

TextFX is Google’s latest addition to the AI Test Kitchen, a lyrics generation tool designed to amplify the creative process.

Drawing inspiration from Lupe Fiasco’s expertise, TextFX is a suite of modules catering to lyricists and writers seeking a fresh approach to crafting words.

Features of TextFX AI

  • Modular Creativity: Explore modules for finding words in specific categories or drawing similarities between unrelated things.
  • User-Friendly Navigation: Despite its intricacies, TextFX offers an enhanced user experience and navigation for writers.

How to Use TextFX AI

Unlocking the potential of TextFX may take some time, but the journey is worth it.

Dive into the modules, experiment with word categories, and let TextFX be your companion in the lyrical exploration.


In the evolving landscape of AI-powered creativity, TextFX emerges as a unique tool for wordsmiths.

Collaborate with the AI, harness its modules, and let your creativity soar.

Google’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of AI in music and lyrics is evident, and TextFX stands as a testament to this exciting journey of innovation.

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