ElevenLabs Soars to Unicorn Status with $80M Funding & AI Voice Marketplace

11 labs AI Voice Marketplace

In just two years, ElevenLabs, founded by former Google and Palantir employees, has skyrocketed to unicorn status, securing an $80 million series B funding round.

With a valuation now at $1.1 billion, the AI voice startup is not just breaking barriers but revolutionizing the way we experience content globally.

The Rise of ElevenLabs:

Founded by Piotr Dabkowski and Mati Staniszewski, ElevenLabs aims to make content universally accessible by leveraging AI for voice cloning and synthesis.

The company’s journey began in 2022 with a breakthrough text-to-speech model in English, expanding to support multiple languages, including Polish, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, and Hindi.

ElevenLabs New Dubbing Studio

As the user base expands, ElevenLabs introduces the Dubbing Studio workflow, offering professional users tools to dub entire movies in their language of choice.

While currently focused on delivering the best audio experience, the company plans to add lip-syncing capabilities in the future.

New AI-cloned voices Marketplace:

ElevenLabs isn’t stopping there. Alongside the Dubbing Studio, the company is launching an accessibility app for converting text or URLs into audio and a Voice Library – a marketplace allowing users to sell their AI-cloned voices.

The multi-step verification process ensures authenticity and quality, providing users with a diverse range of voice models to choose from.

The Future of ElevenLabs:

With a total fundraise of $101 million, ElevenLabs aims to solidify its position as the global leader in voice AI research.

The company plans to expand infrastructure, develop new vertical-specific products, and prioritize safety controls, including a classifier to identify AI audio.

In a landscape where competitors like MURF.AI, Play.ht, and WellSaid Labs emerge, the global market for AI-powered voice tools is projected to nearly $5 billion by 2032.


ElevenLabs is not just making headlines; it’s reshaping the way we engage with voice technology.

As its groundbreaking features roll out in the coming weeks, the company is set to captivate even more customers across diverse segments, marking a new era in the realm of AI voice and speech generation.

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