Hugging Face Launches New AI Chat Assistants

Hugging Face Launches New AI Chat Assistant

In the fast-paced world of AI, Hugging Face has unveiled a game-changer – the Chat Assistant feature.

Imagine creating your personalized AI chatbot in just two clicks!

Comparable to OpenAI’s GPTs, Hugging Face’s Chat Assistant lets you define its identity with a unique name, avatar, description, and language model, like Llama2 or Mixtral.

Customize your chatbot’s behavior with tailor-made system messages and various conversation starters.

What sets Hugging Face Assistants apart from GPTs is the freedom to choose from diverse open-source models. Plus, enjoy the perks of free inference and hassle-free public sharing without needing a subscription.

Though the feature is currently in beta, it’s already making waves.

Hugging Face is committed to enhancing the experience by adding features like RAG and enabling web search, as outlined in their exciting roadmap.

Notably, OpenGPT stands as another open-source GPT alternative for those seeking versatility in AI.

Take your conversations to the next level with Hugging Face’s Chat Assistant – the future of interactive AI awaits!

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