Humane Delays AI Pin Ship Date to Mid-April

Tech startup Humane is facing a slight setback with its highly anticipated Ai Pin release. Originally slated for March, the company now aims to ship the innovative wearable device by mid-April, according to a recent update from Sam Sheffer, Head of Media at Humane.

In a recent video reminiscent of Sorkin-style dialogue, Sheffer revealed that production is underway, with the first units expected to leave the factory by the end of March.

Priority access customers can anticipate receiving their orders by mid-April, while remaining preorders will follow shortly after.

Humane garnered significant attention even before unveiling its debut product, thanks to its founders’ background at Apple and intriguing prelaunch teasers.

The Ai Pin, showcased at an event in San Francisco last November, offers a glimpse into the future of consumer hardware, leveraging generative AI to explore new form factors beyond traditional smartphones.

While Humane’s delay may disappoint eager consumers, it underscores the company’s commitment to delivering a polished product.

With $230 million in funding, including a recent $100 million Series C round, Humane is under pressure to meet expectations and distinguish itself in the competitive tech landscape.

Despite the delay, early adopters can still secure their Ai Pin at a preorder price of $699, with a bonus offer of three months free subscription service for orders placed before March 31st.

As Humane navigates this critical launch period, all eyes are on its ability to deliver a seamless user experience and fulfill its promise of pushing the boundaries of AI-driven consumer devices.

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