Late Night with The Devil Uses AI, Sparks Debates

“Late Night with the Devil” 2024 is causing a stir with its spooky mix of real filmmaking and AI generated Art. It’s all about using AI to make demons on screen look and sound super real.

People are talking: is this the new way to scare us in movies?

Some folks love it. They say using AI is like opening a treasure chest of new scary stuff. It can make ghosts and goblins like we’ve never seen before.

But not everyone’s on board. Some worry we’re losing the magic of old-school scary movies, where everything was made by humans and you could almost feel the monsters.

Some users are very disappointing to hear about this. and says “don’t support it. don’t pay to watch it”.

There’s also chatter about the demon voices not sounding quite right – a bit too AI Generated, maybe missing a bit of that evil vibe.

Then there’s the big question: if we let AI do too much of the work, are we still the ones telling the story? But hey, art and tech have always gone hand in hand, right?

Either way, everyone agrees: no matter how cool the AI is, the story’s got to be good. Without a gripping tale, it’s just fancy effects.

And just for fun, imagine a comedy show about a demon family, trying to fit in with humans, made by AI. Now that could be something to see!

So, “Late Night with the Devil” has got us all talking. It’s a peek at maybe the future of horror movies, mixing old-school scares with AI. Who knows what’ll come next?

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