Nvidia Reveal New Disney AI Robots at GTC

Nvidia and Disney are working magic together, turning the dream of interactive robotic characters into reality for Disney theme parks around the world.

While the project’s official name remains a mystery, the buzz is all about the “Disney Bots” or “BD-X robots.”

These aren’t just any robots. They’re powered by Nvidia’s cutting-edge AI technology, including the Jetson platform, which is known for its embedded computing power.

See Nvidia AI Robots for Disney Parks:

The first glimpse of this future was revealed at Nvidia’s GTC Conference in 2024, where attendees met two robots named Orange and Green.

Disney Imagineering is using this technology to create characters that can move, react, and interact with guests in ways we’ve only seen in movies.

The goal? To make Disney theme park characters more lifelike and interactive than ever before. Imagine meeting a character who can walk with you, talk to you, and respond to your reactions in real time. This is the future Nvidia and Disney are building.

These early models demonstrated their ability to walk and interact with their surroundings, giving us a sneak peek at the kind of experiences we might expect in Disney parks soon.

This partnership between Nvidia and Disney is pushing the boundaries of AI robotics, promising to transform the theme park experience into something truly magical.

As these AI robots come to life, visiting a Disney park will become even more immersive, blurring the lines between fantasy and reality. Keep an eye on this space; the adventure is just beginning!

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