OpenAI Drops ChatGPT for Apple Vision Pro

ChatGPT app in Apple Vision Pro

OpenAI just dropped the ChatGPT app for Apple Vision Pro, the cool AR headset from Apple.

Now you can chat with GPT-4 Turbo, OpenAI’s smart language buddy, ask questions, get advice, and even create images and text within the app.

This is a big deal for OpenAI, aiming for AI that’s friendly to humans.

ChatGPT is now part of visionOS, the system behind Apple Vision Pro. There are tons of apps there, but we’re not sure if ChatGPT will use all the fancy features like eye-tracking and cool audio effects.

ChatGPT can now chat with text, images, and voice. So, you can describe things or ask questions by talking to it.

It’s free on visionOS, but if you want extra features, there’s ChatGPT Plus with snappier responses.

Get it from the visionOS App Store, where you’ll find lots of other fun apps for free, like writing, training for a marathon, or getting better at math.

Dive into the future of chatting with AI on your Apple Vision Pro!

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