Qualcomm AI Hub for Developers to Build AI Model on Devices

Qualcomm AI Hub simplifies using AI on Qualcomm devices. It offers tools to make AI tasks easier, like recognizing images or processing speech.

You can access over 75 ready-made AI models and fine-tune your own for better performance. Plus, it helps test and integrate models into apps smoothly.

To get started, sign up on the Qualcomm website and install the library using pip. Then, configure it with your API Token and check for compatible devices.

Once set up, prepare your model, optimize it, and test it on a device. Finally, choose how you want to deploy it and follow the instructions.

Keep in mind that Qualcomm AI Hub is still in early access, so things might change. Check the official documentation for updates.

With Qualcomm AI Hub, developers can easily bring AI to Qualcomm devices, opening up new possibilities for innovative applications.

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