Try Nightshade 1.0: Protect Your Art from AI

The Nightshade development team proudly announces the release of version 1.0, a powerful AI-based tool crafted to safeguard artists and their creations.

In this article, we’ll delve into the exciting features of Nightshade and its unique role in the artistic realm.

Why Nightshade?

Nightshade stands out as a cutting-edge solution to protect your artwork in the ever-evolving landscape of AI technology.

Before we explore further, let’s understand how Nightshade complements another popular tool called Glaze.

Glaze and Nightshade Collaboration

The development team highly recommends using Glaze alongside Nightshade, creating a formidable alliance in the realm of AI protection.

While Glaze plays its part as an AI artwork protection tool, Nightshade takes it a step further by introducing a new level of manipulation designed to confuse AI models.

The exciting news? The interaction between Glaze and Nightshade is currently undergoing testing, paving the way for a combined Glaze/Nightshade tool that promises even more robust protection.

Nightshade AI Download and System Requirements

Getting started with Nightshade is a breeze.

With just a free download, artists gain access to enhanced AI protection on both Windows and MacOS.

A modest 4 GB of disk space for additional ML libraries and resources is all you need.

Plus, for Glaze users, the good news is that resource files can be reused, eliminating the need for large additional downloads.

Protecting Your Art: Nightshade in Action

Imagine having the power to manipulate pixels and confuse AI models with ease.

That’s exactly what Nightshade does. Named after the highly poisonous plant, Nightshade follows the same principle as Glaze but takes it a step further.

It damages the AI model by introducing manipulated pixels, making it see something entirely different.

For instance, a train might appear as a car to the confused AI model.

The potential impact is profound – fewer than 100 of these “poisoned” images could be enough to corrupt an image AI model, according to the developers.

Notably, Nightshade is developed by the same talented team behind Glaze and is set to be seamlessly integrated into the Glaze platform.


Don’t miss out on securing your artwork in the AI era.

Download Nightshade for free and explore a new dimension of protection for your creative endeavors.

Protect your art, empower your creativity – Nightshade is your guardian in the AI realm.

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