Perky AI App- Generate 17+ Real People

Welcome to the world of Perky AI, where your words transform into images!

This app is a creative powerhouse for anyone with a vision.

Available on the iPhone App Store, it’s your new favorite tool for bringing imaginary people to life.

What is Perky AI App?

Perky AI is a marvel of technology, allowing you to create images of people from descriptions without any restrictions.

It’s like having an artist in your pocket, ready to sketch your evil ideas into reality. Whether you’re a storyteller, a designer, or just curious, Perky AI is your canvas for creativity.


  • Custom Creations: Describe anyone—choose their style, clothing, and more. From ultra-realistic to fantasy, your imagination is the limit.
  • Start with a Photo: Have a photo? Use it as a base for your AI creation. You can even remove or change clothes from photo.
  • Refine Your Vision: Not perfect on the first try? Keep tweaking until it’s just right.
  • Share the Love: Proud of your creation? Share it easily with friends or on social media.

How to Use Perky AI App

Using Perky AI is a breeze.

Countdown Timer

Start by launching the app and diving into the creation process:

  1. Select your Style and Gender for AI People Generation.
  2. Enter your prompt like describe the appearance, clothing, pose, and expression in detail.
  3. Hit “Generate” and watch as your prompt comes to life.
  4. Share your masterpiece or refine it further for the perfect outcome.


While Perky AI opens up a world of possibilities, the free version has its limits, such as fewer features and ads. For the full experience, consider the full version.

Also with a 17+ rating, it's vital to use the app responsibly to avoid generating inappropriate content.


Perky AI is a gateway to endless creativity, turning your thoughts into visual realities.

It's simple, fun, and a must-try for anyone looking to explore their creative side.

Ready to meet the person of your dreams? Try Perky AI today!

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